Looking for active book club ? Any recs?

Hey guys ! Looking for active book clubs with chatty individuals:) let me know if you know of any- I earn about-70-120 pts


The one I’m part of is active, it’s called Epibubble and the leader is Sunyana!

It looks full- lmk if there is an opening later :slight_smile:


Hey!! I just created one and I need members, I promise it will be a very active bookclub open to all recommendations. It would mean the world if you joined it
It’s called “girls_xoxo”
If you would like, you can spread the world so minore people join
Really hope you decide to join 🫶🏻🫶🏻

Hi!! My club is call Readbylittlep I’m an Vip Episode and an avid reader, love stories mostly about Mafia, Romance, Drama.