Looking For An Active Art Scene Artist (Special Art Scenes)

I’m looking for an active art scene artist,if someone can help me please dm some of your edits if you dont have its ok
Here are some things you must know:-


The story genre is Mystery so if you dont know how to make mysterious and edits for it please dont dm me so you dont waste your time and my time
I wont be saying the story disc unless you are willing to help me

The Artist

If you aren’t active I wont choose you because I need an active artist who would at least online for 2/3 days but till now Im not in a rush or sth so its okay if you werent active this week or the one after
Oh and also if you feel you cant do this PLEASE dont dm me or anything because you dont wanna waste your time or waste my time, and I give CREDITS so dont be worried I will credit you on my story and on INSTA
And also if you want you can be a character in my story

Okies sorry if this sounds like this is a competition or Im beign too much LOL Im just beign good by telling you what you are going to do if you decided to make me so dont tell me later I didnt know “Blah blah blah”

Okies sure I dont mind, dont forget to dm me when you are ready and I like your edits

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Episode Helpers here to help 😁 (1-340 minutes) hi

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Episode Helpers here to help 😁 (1-340 minutes) c

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I can do it, do you need some examples?

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I wanna do it

Yes if you have, but its ok without

do you have any example

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So is that a yes

@Trixiebella really like your art! Are you doing it for other people too? I know someone who wants a cover.

That’s so good. It looks like it’s even from a colouring app. :smile:

That’s true :joy: hope it’s not :grimacing:

Me too, it looks so good. It reminds me of the colouring outlines from the app Recolor. I wish I could draw like that. :sweat_smile:

Same :smile:

Well I couloured it in and edited it looks good so


I guess so, by the way dm me for more details but now I gotta sleep cuz finale exams

You’re taking all the credit for colouring an outline from an app? You should at least say because people are now asking for covers & other artworks from you when you’re just colouring outlines from a colouring app.

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Fine from now on I will say I used an app (witch I do after the finished product) before ok?