Looking For An Active Encoder

Hi guys! I am looking for an encoder for my story and for my upcoming stories as well. Story line, characters and outfits are good. Just need to encode it.

I need someone who is:
-A responsible one
-Very responsive(It doesn’t take days to answer or reply)
-Must be active in Instagram(If that would be the app that we’re gonna use for communication)

Proper credits will be given.
Other details will be discussed in private.

Please don’t say “I would like to help” if you can’t get to it right away or you can’t help right away.

Thank you a lot. :heart:

Hi, I’m not completely sure I understand what you’re looking for but I think I can help you :blush: :black_heart:

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I am available but on hangouts…if that was okay?

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Can you code for me? As long as you’re very responsive to my chats, we’re all good :smile:

Yeah as long as you’re active. Let me just install hangouts for a bit.

sure. add me on rand.episode@gmail.com

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Messaged ya :smiley:

didn’t receive it :sweat_smile:

give me ur email

Ohh. greatasyuna@gmail.com

Oh yeah sure