Looking for an active writing partner

Hello! I’m looking for an active writing partner who’s willing to write, code, and do it all for a story and maybe even make more. I have ideas of what I want to write about which are romance, fantasy (witchy maybe), and modern. I am very flexible and don’t mind ditching the witch vibe for something that’s better. I’m leaning more towards choices that matter (point system) because I know people like having that control as do I in a story to choose my love interest and how they perceive me. I feel like I’m missing something but this is all of it for the most part :slight_smile: OH! Also LGBTQ friendly like male and female love choices which is good for the point system. Thank you to anyone who even took the time to read this! Take care everyone.


If u are still looking for someone I can write with wiring however I won’t be able to code a lot. I’m an advanced coder so for sure can help now and then to create some difficult scenes

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Thats great! I think ill be able to learn coding! Do you have discord?

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hello do yall need help with writing x?

Yes, please.

sure when do ya want to start

got discord if so leave it here xx

also im not great at coding, im good with story ideas

I’d love to be your writing partner! I’m passionate about storytelling and have experience in scriptwriting. Together, we can create engaging and captivating stories for Episodes. Let’s connect and discuss our ideas and preferences. Exciting collaborations await!

sure if you have discord please send it x