Looking For An Advanced Coder


So I really love writing but the coding is not really my thing. I mean I know how to do everything but the time I spent editing I’m always thinking about new things to write.
So I’m looking for someone who is willing to code everything.
Really looking for someone who can do advanced directing as it are a lot of difficult scenes.

It”s for 2 stories.
1 is kind of violent sometimes as it’s a Mafia related story.
2nd one is about college.

You don’t have to code 2 stories, if you only want to do 1 that’s great too!

Thanks in advance xoxo

I might be able to help you! It am willing to do lots of coding, I know a lott of coding, but I don’t know everything. Let me know! My insta is Rosiesunset.epsiode :):smile:

i could help!i already have a bunch of experience with coding, if interested: dm me on instagram if you have instagram: Epi.ashlxy and if you don’t then you could pm me