Looking for an Art friend to help!


Hi, my name is Henry and I am an artist who does computer animations at high school. Recently I got into episode and I want some art friends who do episode art to help teach me the basics of episode art! Please PM me if you’re interested :slight_smile:


Episode diamonds would love to help were a art group


Hi! Can you tell me more about your group? I would love to join thank you for the offer!


Can I see some examples for I can see what you need help with


I don’t have them on my phone right now… can i get back to you later once I get them?


Ooh animation is cool. Welcome to the forums by the way! :grinning:


sure I put you on the list


we could take u at episode studio!


We already took her


Thanks! I’m still learning and I’ve only taken the class one year, hopefully I’ll be taking it again next year tho :smiley:




here is the chat


I’m a male. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and also you did not take me


oh… Episode Studio doesn’t let members be in Episode Diamonds… personal reasons.


would you like to join we have 1 boy on our team I think he feel comfotable having another boy


Thank you :joy:


Welcome :wave:

There are a few Youtube channels that show tutorials on Episode edits, aswell as threads and IG accounts. I have a step by step guide which I would gladly send you if you are interested (on the basis of Ibis Paint X).

@Rune.episode :clap: I know right, not a very appropriate way of speaking about someone.


Wow, I would love that! Thanks! :smiley:


I can help you :smile:


Want some examples?