Looking for an art partner


Hey guys currently I have an art thread and I thought it would be interesting to make have an artist partner :blush: comment down below if your interested and some examples of your work (I will only choose one) Good luck! :grin: I will until tomorrow at 10 (US time) by the way I could splashes and covers if u wonder what I do



More than likely not what you’re looking for but here is what I can do.


What is an art partner


An art partner is someone who u work with in covers arts all sorts of art


I’d be interested! Give me a minute so can find my examples!


A lot of these areold but you get it. Just click the Madison W (If they have the drop downs) ones!


@Bethany1 and @MadisonW thank u for being being interested in doing it with me I will be choosing who at 10 and if anyone else is also interested comment down below that your interested and your examples


I’ve been thinking who want to be my partner…


Hi there.I’m interested if you are still looking for a partner.



You can see more in the below link


(sorry if this is off-topic) are your requests open? you’re art is amazing and I’m trying to find someone who can do a mafia-like cover??


Hey, MysteryMaker
Are you still closed?
(Please do not flag me as offf topic, I beg you)


Yes my requests are open


I meant Mystery Maker, sorry!


Their requests are closed? I didn’t know that- oops


Im gong to decide either @MadisonW or @MysteryMaker


@xGreeni I’m sorry I can’t do your cover because my request are closed and i already have a few on my list but there’s one way i can do yours if someone who already asked me to do theirs didn’t respond to my message within a day then I may do yours and @TheCreepyNun yes my request are closed.


Sorry I speak broken english. :sweat_smile: It isn’t my first languange


Okay! All I need is a simple small cover ^.^ let me know if that person never gets back to you


and it’s fine!


I’ll notify you. :wink: