Looking for an Art Scene artist


I am looking for someone who can make me an art scene in a week.
If you are interested please let me know so I can give you the details.
I also if you have examples please show me!
I will close the thread if I found someone to make an art scene so if I didn’t close the thread that means I am still looking.


If you haven’t found anyone, I am interested. I can PM you my examples


Episode harmony can send the details


Sure, I would love that!


Can you show me examples first please?


I can send some examples when I get on my ipad, but you can also check me out @anna.sode on Instagram.

Tagging a few people in case you or they are interested:
@EpisodeNirvana @mystery.author @LaurieKrisette @Hope_fully


Ok, thank you! :grinning:


ya, noooooooooooooooo


I can! Here are some examples!

I need to do 24 hours of art before next week for a charity challenge, so I would appreciate it if you picked me to do your art scene! Pm me so I can get it done by today or tomorrow!


noice work, bruh


I don’t do art scene requests, sorry.


What program do you use?




Your work is really nice!





It’s ok thank you for letting me know!


I can do it for you!


Do you have examples?


I can finish it in an hour for you