Looking for an art shop to join?

Not sure if I put this in the right category :woozy_face: sorry if I didn’t in advance…

After I complete the rest of my art shop requests I have (5 left) I would really like to join either an already existing art shop with multiple people in it or (LAST RESORT) create one…?

I want to join one because even though I get requests on my art shop i wish I get more and it would be fun to work with others and make friends cuz I’m kinda alone on this app. I’ve made a couple of friends but they never stick around and stop dming me a lot. (You’d be surprised how many times this has happened) lol…
Here is some examples of my work:

Older Art

Newer Art


You could always join my art shop, but I can’t do drawn art, only normal character edits and stuff, so…

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Your art is beautiful! :heart: I would love to have you join my art shop.

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You are talented :relaxed:, I’d be really happy if you would join to my shop (Art & Edit Shop (For free))

But it’s okay, if you already found another shop.

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I was wondering if it would be ok to ask what you use to make your art? Like what website? I’m asking because I think I’m going to start doing digital art…

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So atm I have 4 art shops that one me to join :joy: I didn’t think multiple people would want to work with me. Lol but when I come on to a final decision I’ll let u all know.


@Izzie_Silver I’ll pm you so the thread doesn’t get closed and teach u my ways lol

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