Looking For an Artist and a co writer!

Hi everyone! My name is Marian!
I’m looking for an artist(s) to do backgrounds, edit backgrounds, covers, art scenes, and anything else!
If you’re interested PM me, comment, or DM me on Instagram (preferably Instagram)! If you have questions please ask! Don’t be shy! :blue_heart:
I’m also looking for a co writer(s)! I already have a coder!
I will be sure to give lots of credit!

Y’all will need to be:

  • Creative! Express your ideas!

  • Respectful! Please do not fight me over anything!

  • Please don’t ghost! Please don’t ignore me/read messages with no reply!

  • Professorial! I want everything to be planned, nothing rushed!

I can your artist check out my IG: @after.what

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If you still need a co writer, I´m here. I am new with this account but I already wrote a lot of stories ( not for Episode) and I could send you a sample.

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Is it cool if we can get a sample of your writing?

Sure how do I send it to you?

If u have a PDF, you can send it straight by email.

Hey, if you still need someone, I can do covers and art scenes :two_hearts: my IG is epi.boba

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hi, sorry for taking a while to respond! would you still like to do covers and art scenes for me?