Looking for an artist asap

Looking for an artist to create cover art, pfp for instagram maybe and some art throughout my story - preferably free, or low prices as this is my first story and still getting used to everything.
Please comment or dm me on instagram - @molly.episodee - thank you :slight_smile:


Hey I can help you I am free professional artist.



Hope this is enough


I m paid artist if you are interested
At low prices


This type of art
If u don’t mind what is ur price


Hey!! I’m not an artist, more like an editor. But I can do all the things you said above!! Just in edited style. I actually recently started creating edited art scenes, but it’s okay if you want that drawn. Maybe I can help with the rest?

All free!


I have low prices (:

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I can also help if you need. I can do it for free.
Examples :arrow_down:

More examples are on my Instagram @laneybug.art.official
Let me know :slight_smile:

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@Devil_Herself @Akanksha.writes @Leana2 @CIA_WRITES
may help u. Sry if u dont wanna be tagged.


Thanks for the tag! and yeah I can


Thanks for the tag
And yeah I can do it
Check out my shop for examples ,the link in bio


Ofc I can!

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I could color in a outline for you for free but if I do you have to give credit to the person who made the outline I’ll tell you here’s a example of my work:

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We could help out! Episode Jazz can do all those things and our requests are almost always opened! Check out our latest post for examples of our members

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can you dm me on insta please, i’m never on this:)

Sure, whats your insta @?

If you are still searching for someone I’m an artist and i do commissions so my arts are not free but they are cheap
Here some examples of my works

And here’s my prices:

Hope you like this and if you are interested dm me

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molly.episodee i think, it’s in the description up top x

Hello dear. I’m a professional digital artist and I’d be very glad to create something for you.
My commissions are currently open so feel free to message me if needed!
Here are some examples, but you can check for more on my Instagram along with my prices.
Have a very nice day! :heart:

it’s in my bio!:two_hearts: