Greetings Everyone!
My name is Giani I’m honored to join Episode Forum; I would love it if someone could help me regarding art i have this background which is an original background : EXT. CAFE - DAY

IMPORTANT HERE: I need for this background to be edited to my liking I’m going for an Italian bakery theme. I will give further info once someone reply.


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What are you wanting done? And welcome to the Forums!

Hey, Thanks Love.

If it is possible i would like for the coffee cups to be removed from the window.
I would like that same font in the image of the real bakery if possible if you’re unable i would consider anything closer.

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I hope these are okay. :smiling_face:

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I may be able or I can suggest
If you are still looking

i can do it for free

Link to My home page

Link to my most recent post

Link to fill request form

You can find my form "Art request " at: Art request

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Apologies for the late response; I want to say thank you for your effort. I love them. Thanks again for being so kind to help :cherry_blossom:.

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I’ve requested. Thanks.

No problem!

No problem