Looking for an artist for an art commission *Artist found, thank you everyone*

Hey everyone,

I am currently looking for an artist that can create a couple of art pieces for my new story.
The kind of art I would love would be similar to some of ck_artdesign style and quality.
(If you do not know who that is, search on instagram.)
Before you ask, yes I have messaged her and had no response so I thought I may reach out here.
The request is for a couple of “couple pieces” to feature within the story and maybe a cover for the story as well.

Feel free to Comment if you are interested, a couple of pieces you have created and price etc:

Thank you in advance.


I just pm’d you😉

Last time I checked, @Defenestration has an art commission shop. It’s really good, her art! But you have to pay for it. I tagged her, so see what she says…

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I can make a good art scene

I made mine with Art by Ren cause the one you texted didn’t answer me back either lol

You can look her up on Facebook “Art by Ren”

Here’s the cover art:


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Thanks for the compliment! My shop is in fact, still open, here’s a link to it:

Thank you very much :heart_eyes: looks amazing!!! I will definitely check the page out.



Thank you :slight_smile: I have found an artist now, but thank you for your interest :slight_smile: :relaxed:

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Hey! I’m not sure if you contacted me via DM or email but I only respond to emails for commissions as stated in my bio on Instagram. My apologies if I missed an email, sometimes they get filtered into my spam box but I try to check it as often as I can :heart: hopefully this well help anyone else who tries to contact me through DM haha.


If you, by any chance, need again a commission artist i can help you with anything. I’m really cheap it’s from 8 to 20 euros depending on how many people do you need in the some cover.

Here some of my examples, I’m really fast i can do a work like this in one or maximum two days