Looking for an artist for an art scene

Hey there,

I’m writing a story and I’m in need of an art scene. Is there anyone you can recommend/can you draw this for me? I’ll give you credit and I’m willing to pay, depending on their/your art skills. Just one scene with one character from the waist above.

Art scene info: vvv


Pose the guy is in:


But block his waist down with bedsheets that looks like this:

Of course, draw this in your own style to avoid problems from Episode.

If you know anyone, please respond. I don’t need this ASAP but maybe by the end of this month?

Thank you so much for reading this ^-^

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I have a shop here if you’re interested. (scroll down the first post for examples)

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@Natasha.Brown1 @Defenestration Thank you guys so much, I’ll definitely check them out

@Natasha.Brown1 Thank you for the tag.

Hi @delia.episode. @My commissions are Open.Feel free to check out my commission thread below to see the record of my previous commissions and My commission info.I’ll leave few of my recent art works in case you would like to see.Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in commissioning me.

My two of male recent artworks:

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Ahhh thank you so much, I’ll definitely check your page out!


@Sydney_H please close this thread :grin: , thankssss


Thankyou for the tag @Natasha.Brown1, :heart_eyes: . And @delia.episode , if you still need a artist , I am open :blush: . Just shoot me a message


Closed by OP request. :grinning: