Looking for an artist for my overlays

Hello there,

I’m would like to know if someone can make overlays for my story. I would like to customize my backgrounds and I need some overlays that doesn’t exist like a snake for example.
I have 3 story in store so that person must want to do it in the first place, and must be serious and honest.
I would like to publish soon so I’m asking for help here :sweat_smile: :flushed:

Thanks in advance for your answers

:butterfly:elodie.episode :butterfly:

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i can get if you want a overlayer
here same

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That would be great @Whitewolf4545 :grin:

did you need any more or something else

a sign with the name of a company “VELAZQUEZ COSMETICS :kiss:” to put on the building of this background EXT. ANNIKA APARTMENT - DAY please

what kind of sign here some ill change after you pick want kind or do you have something you want if so show me



I like the third :+1:t5: :slightly_smiling_face:

image this one right

Oh no sorry the second, I thought the first was two different images

na its ok let me know if you want any thing changed

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thank you so much :kiss:

can you do it with the last image too please ?

did you mean with this sign to image
if not sorry i dont get what you mean

yes i mean with this sign too sorry

thank you very much for all of this @Whitewolf4545 :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

did you need any more?

not yet but thank you for your help :grin:

if you ever need a hand just pm me hope everything work well

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