Looking for an artist for my story cover!

I’m currently in the process of writing a story. (Limelight) I am nowhere near as talented as the artists on these forums, so I thought I might try to request somebody to create a digital art cover for my story!! I’m requesting a large and a small cover. I know that my requests for this cover might be very annoying, outrageous, or take a long time, soooooooo I will give credit to the artist in every single episode (could be at either the beginning of the episode / the end of the each episode

Here are all the details / requests I’d like if you are willing to do a cover:

  1. I have 3 photos I found on Google that I’d like to have my cover look similar to. I don’t know if outlining these photos are stealing artwork… but I’d really like the characters to be in any of the 3 following poses I included right here:
Photos of what I'd like the cover to resemble (You can pick any cover if you'd like out of those 3)



  1. I would prefer it if the characters in the cover are not the actual characters (cut out, cropped, and inserted into some background with a title) I would more prefer it if it was a sort of cartoon? (I guess you could say) version of the characters. Kinda like how you see the character girl / boy in the photos I have above look like!
Details of what the 2 main characters look like

(It won’t matter exactly what type of features the main characters have, just have the cartoon version of them vaguely resemble )

  1. The title of my story is “The Model” Font can be anything, but I would prefer if it was something sort of like this:

I know that I might be requesting a lot and being a pain in the butt, and I sincerely apologize for being like this :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you!!! You can take as long as you need. :kissing_heart:

Can you do digital art?

Aw that’s alright then! Maybe you could become a character in my story! Also looking for background characters :smile:

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I may be able to do what you want… I’ve never done an art with 2 characters but I’ve been planning on it. I’ve also never attempted LL but why not give it a shot, right?


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Ooh that would be so awesome!! Thank you, if you’re willing to do a cover for me!! :kissing_heart:

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I’d love to!


@Simila100 can you give me a preferred background?

Based on the name, “the model”, I was thinking something like this?

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Hmm I don’t think an actual background would be necessary, since I would like for the characters to take up most of the space. Maybe a plain background would work, like a light yellow / peach / cream color? (Sorta like in the 3rd image where the girl is staring down at the guy) Otherwise, just do a neutral color, like white :slight_smile:

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