Looking for an artist for my story! :)

I need splashes, and cover designs, I can pay!



One of my favorite artists are @ChocolateCheeze her art is so good, shes super talented and her art is paid but she does have a thread which opens where she usually chooses to make 1-2 people art for free every month.

I don’t know if her commissions are open at the moment but you can look at some of her examples in this thread below and you can request once her commission reopen!

Her free art thread:

My other favorite artist is @Bertha, her art is so so good but also paid, you can check out her thread below they also include examples and I think, correct me if im wrong but her comissions are also open.

If you want free art here are some art shops:

(also if i got pronouns wrong please correct me.)


Thank you so much! I will check out all of these!


Are you still look? And how much money you want too pay?

Hey. I do art and charge 10$ for covers!
Here’s some examples of my work:

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Hi! If you’re still in need of a cover, my commissions are open! :hearts:
Prices start from $5 to $11 USD.

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Hello my commissions are open

My insta is @beefpodys dm if you’re interested

thank you so much love!! :heart_hands: my comissions are indeed open​:heart:


Are you still looking for an artist?

I am a semi realistic artist and I’d love to be able to help you out,

Prices + examples :heart:

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@crisspykreemee if ya are still look
i can do it for free

Link to My home page

Link to my most recent post

Link to fill request form

You can find my form "Art request " at: Art request

Hi I have an art shop:
:mushroom: Wonderland Art Shop :mushroom:

But here are some prices and examples:
+3 USD to add a person

  • Art Scenes- 5 USD Waist Up10 USD Full Body
  • Small Cover- 5 USD Waist Up10 USD Full Body
  • Large Cover- 10 USD Waist Up15 USD Full Body


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Hey, if you are still looking for an artist I do art, you don’t have to pay, I do it for free, but if you do decide to use my art just credit me!

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