Looking for an artist for to do covers

Hi My story is getting off to a goo start! My art skills are rubbish! let me know.

Me and my friend @Epyxcillerie could help u

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Brill! I’ve never done this before how can I help you? what info do you need!

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Hey I can help!


OK I will guide u so dont worry I will give you the link to a thread and u fill out the form if thats ok
Ok you have to fill this out for a cover

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Hey could someone please help me I want to open a like a question thing (on meh phone) does anybody know how to do that??

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What do you mean ?

Question thing? Where? I need to know so I might be able to help you.

Sorry replied at the same time :neutral_face:

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No its fine
Who is on the group account rn ?

@L.I.W.F …I think…

Like This where you can ask questions I am a proffesional editor and I would like to help people with covers But Idk how to open like This thing (where people can ask questions

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@L.I.W.F (Jaz)

Ooh a thread.

Do you mean a thread?

Oh hey !
How is it going

Yesss that

Can we see some examples ?!

You press the episode button on the top left corner

Idk if you still need someone,but we would be happy to help;)