Looking for an artist (free)

I know I’ve been on here before looking for a free artist but I am starting my first story and money is tight. so I am requesting a cover art for my story. ill give credit in my story and on my Instagram. I prefer realistic art but I’m okay with anything else to! my story is limelight so my art need to be limelight. if you can thank you if you know anyone please put them down


I suggest u to find and editor who is free and not an artist. People who draw good usually do it for money and even if it’s a free artist it takes long time to get even one piece from them.


When looking for free art, the forums aren’t rlly the best place, most ppl r just editors :woman_shrugging:t3: I recommend checking checking out the art groups on Instagram: they’re the best place for free art :white_heart:

they open for requests around once a month & u need to request thru the forms in their linktree which u can find in the insta bio’s. I recommend @episode.luxe, @episodeaxiom, @epi.rebellion. they post countdowns on their Instagram stories before the requests open so keep a look out for that.


Hey! I can do it 4 u, but it’ll take a while to do bc there is a waiting list.

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hey, let’s say that i’ll ask one of the people you recommended, can you tell me how i could/should ask them (sorry if it’s a stupid question, I’m just still new here)

U need to find them on ig, see if they are free in the Form. If not u have to wait

as I said, u have to follow their account, then wait to see them announce that their requests r open, when they announce it, go to the link in their bio & click on the Google request form where u can fill in the details of ur request. Then wait for them to finish it & u’ll get a tag notification when it’s done & they’ll dm the art to u. :cupid:

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got it, thank you :slight_smile:

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nope it not ofc you can!

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do u have ig?

ok thxs

Nope, sorry :disappointed: