Looking for an artist intrested in doing a collaboration


Hi, I am an author on episode, i 've being writing since childhood, now that I started my new story on episode I am looking for a talented artist to provide me with art scenes.
Must be skilled in digital art, also can draw any body position, you must also have enough spare time to, friendly cause I would love to make a new friendship, who knows maybe we will stick together for my upcoming stories.
Story genere is drama, ink style, contains mental health and some sensitive topics.
Note : I need someone who can draw from scratch not an editor, and plz send some of your work so I can see it.
Dm if you are intrested


I can try


I would love to see some of your work first if you don’t mind.


Ok I have 2 accounts on the forums so I am gettign my examples form my other account Mrs.Midnight




I can try to if you would like,


Episode Creativity could do your art! You can see examples here.


Episode harmony can

I can also


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I’m with @Chesirekitten101 we would love to help ya.


Yep !


You didn’t show me your work cause like I said I need an artist not an editor someone who can draw from scratch




I can draw form scratch but I ma on my computer so i cant


You can’t what?


I cant send my drawn arts if thats what you want to see


Oh, then sorry, wouldn’t like to ask you for making me something then not using it, that’s why I ask you for previous art to see if your style is compatible with my story


Oh no I make all types of art


I need to see your work before, do you have an Instagram were I can see your posts


If you still need it I can try…