Looking for an Artist or a coder

I’m Anonymous, and I want to partner up with someone to make a new story with someone. I am looking for someone with great coding knowledge or artistic skills so we can become featured writers and make cool Fantasy stories. If your willing to help, please email me at anonymous.episodeauthor@gmail.com.

I have some coding knowledge. Not an artist tho. What do you need help with

I was wondering if we could make a fantasy story on episode

My specialty. I love fantasy. I am in the middle of re writing a story and writing another story, so I might not be super fast. So, there are branches in fantasy. There’s;






•Angels & Demons


Those are the most common type of fantasy creatures. So we could go based off of that.

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Can you email me so we can discuss it off the forums please?

Sure! What’s your email?


I just emailed you