Looking for an artist. Please read below for more info

Hello to anyone who stubbles upon this post! :wave:t2:

I’m looking for an artist who can help make me a cover for my story. I can’t afford to pay you money since times are really tough right now but, I am willing to pay you in gems towards your story if you are an artist/author on episode. If you are okay with gems for a payment we can discuss how many in a private message on Instagram.

If you aren’t an author on episode but still make art the least I can “pay” you in is a trade of my own art. You can choose pose,background and outfit if that interests you. Or I can also do shout outs on your art and story (if you do both) on my Instagram story.

If you are interested at all in helping me please comment below your Instagram handle that way I can further discuss things with you! :blush:

Also huge THANK YOU in advance to anyone who helps me!! I appreciate it so much!! :smiling_face_with_tear:


you are more than welcome to request in my shop I have a person who draws, and a few of us who make edits everything is free in my shop. If you request just please read the rules and use the correct forms


If you want, you can send me the details (through insta or by PMing me) and I’ll see if I can help

Some of my examples are on the art sharing thread or on my insta if you want to check them out

(IG: liza.epsd)


Thank you! I sent one of your artist a pm so hopefully they get back with me! :slight_smile:


Hey hun! I’m going to send you a message on instagram that way its a bit easier to communicate! :blush:

Hey lovely :blob_hearts:
I have my art shop if you want to check it out, I have examples there :))

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