Looking for an artist(s) to make my story cover!

Hi! I’m Rose and I would like it if I can find an artist to make my story covers for free or at a low price. If anyone would be willing to make me something that would be amazing! I would ofcourse credit you and even make you a character in my story! Update: Thank you for all of the offers, I am considering a lot of people’s art! All of everyones art is breath taking!


Hey, :)))) aidjkabdkshd

I know you’ve already asked about the price for Pams art shop, but for the first 4 orders, they’re 10-20 dollars off so it’s much cheaper! Usually, two colored people with a simple background would cost around 25. Now they’re 15.

Please consider it, thank youuuuusssss :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi rose! I might be able to help you out? I’m just an artist looking for something to do. I don’t charge but that might mean my impart isn’t up to par with everyone else’s. Sorry to say but depending on the request I may hit be able to completely it. This depends completely on how difficult it may be. Please take this into consideration when making your choice. For any further details, please PM me. Thank you! Have a nice day :grin:


Hi if u want I can do here are some examples

Oh and I do em for free no charge


how do you do yours?

I just trace em or use others as reference but watching tutorial helps but I draw them

Thanks! Which app? Is it free?

Yes it’s called ibispaintx and its free


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These are beautiful! Do you draw limelight?

I am definitely considering it! Pams art shop is beautiful

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Hi! Do you have any examples on your art? Also do you have instagram so I can DM you?

i can

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Yea I so

I can do it! Click on my username and click on the website on my bio and I’ll take you to my art page so you can see my work!