Looking For An Artist(s)

Hi! I’m Elora and I currently need artists for my story “Forbidden Love” I am working on. It is about a girl that has just moved schools. The girl (Aka the reader) Suffers from multiple mental disorders that affect her everyday life. The main focus is still in progress.

The artist(s) jobs would create detailed scences where the characters are seen drawn, like a visual novel. The art would not have to be like Picasso or something, just some simple artwork. Another job would be creating the cover. I’d like it to be more detailed. They will not have any specific deadlines, But I’d like for them to be in 1-4 weeks after given the task.

If you want to help please message me!


Ready to help?

I sure am!

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I can

I sure am ready tbh

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Um, @alexavelasquez12345 not to sound rude, hehe, but we already volunteered to help her, and we don’t really appreciate you coming in and redirecting her to your art thread… could you please not do this again?

We would really like it if you did not…


I am positive that @AK16 & @Chesirekitten101 & @Ms.Kate will be perfect for the job you have to offer.

Sorry, @alexavelasquez12345, these three people have already volunteered, and I’m sure less than three is enough for @Eloraa.


Thank you @epi.alyssaa for your support

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My pleasure.

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thank you @epi.alyssaa