Looking for an artist that draws animals

This is Moose :blush::revolving_hearts:

I want to make an upper half cover for when you tap on the story! :

I was thinking a pose like this :point_down:t2: and enough room on the sides of him to have “cc, art scenes, interactive, choices matter” written on either side of him :blush:

I hope this made sense, lol please let me know if you’re interested. I’m happy to pay as long as you have references of your work :revolving_hearts:

I’ve seen a couple example(s) on @KylieJay ‘s Instagram, maybe her style is what your after :relaxed:

Edit #2: I just seen that she has her commissions closed but maybe when she’s open you ask more questions?

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Thank you so much for the suggestion! :blush:
Unfortunately, her commissions are closed. But I still appreciate you!

Your welcome. And yeah I saw when I did a second take on her Instagram should of saw it first and mentioned it to you

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No worries😊

I don’t follow them, but I’ve seen their art scenes which are stunning :heart_eyes: and had a look at their commissions list/price they also do animals if you want to check it out. Their commissions are open too
Georgetarts Link to Commissions

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I believe Jellishfish’s Art Commissions ❀ OPEN ❀ does pets hope this helps :blush: