Looking for an artist that will work with my story and I! *desperate*

Hi! I wanted to make a quick post about this. I was wondering if any artists out there would be willing to work with me to bring my story to life. I find it hard to request from different art shops and some of them don’t respond to me. So I just thought maybe finding one artist that can work with me would be nice.
I won’t need much for this story that I am working on. I only need a few art scenes and a cover (small and large) that one I need desperately lol
If you are an artist that is looking for some opportunities, you have come to the right place!
Some important details to know:
-The story I am working on is in Ink.
-It is set to be released fairly soon.
-Everything most likely is going to be drawn..
I think that is it. Reply to the thread or PM me if you are interested, please! Thank you so much. :smile:


Here are some of my art work :))

My insta is Rainee_Artshop


Wow your artwork is amazing!
I would love to request and work with you, but I notice that you are asking for commissions. I can’t pay you since I am still young (lol I’m only fourteen, almost fifteen) :joy:

Honestly I wouldn’t mind doing something for free. All I ask is if you can promote my account and story and that’s all :slight_smile:

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Of course! I would be crediting you for everything you make. I can do some shoutouts on Instagram and in my story as well.

That sounds great! Follow me on my insta rainee_artshop and msg me there for the details and stuff for your art :slight_smile:

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Ok will do!

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@Sydney_H or @Nick could you please close this? Thank you!! :smile:

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Closed by Op request