Looking for an Artist to Design Covers


My story is called My Secrets (By MOO*)And I’m looking for an artist who, would be shouted out of course to design both my short(main) cover with the title on it and my long cover. This is my first story so I don’t really know exactly what I want but the main details are listed below:
This is my main character Stella (the 2nd one) I want her to be in the middle of her love interest ( the dream guy) and her friend Lee and possibly edited. The first one is her friend Lee and the last one is her love interests. He’s customizable so you can make him however you would like. I would also like something on both covers to subtly hint at Stella’s past. Thank You👍!

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I can do it!




do u want me to do it



do u want me to do it for u


Thank you so much. I really appreciate your willingness to help me. I would love to accept your offer! Is there anything else you need?


nope just give me some time


ill try to finish as quicka s possible im just babysitting so i may have to watch them


That’s great and I don’t mind. Do you have any other work just so I can get an idea and thx btw can you only do the main cover


Thank you for your help also. Do you want to do the long cover? And what do you need for me to send


please stop Epy.raven i am doing it please stop when u already see im doing it


Are you gonna do it it has been 5 days