Looking for an artist with comissions opened!

Hey there! I’m looking for an artist with comissions opened. I’m looking to have a large and small cover made as well as a intro piece and possibly art scenes in the future. I’m totally cool with having a different artists for each piece or just one for all of them.

If you are or know someone who is an artist, please let me know! Thanks for your help!


Uhm I’m not an public artist but I think @ CathyMinami.Artist is open

idk if I’m allowed to do that😵. Also sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged

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You can find some here:

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Thank you for the tag @calico.episode.

Hi @writtenby.dee .My commissions are currently open.Feel free to check the below thread for my artwork examples and for more information regards to my commissions.And if you are interested feel free to send an email or DM me on IG as @mystery.artistz to place a commission from me.

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Check out my commissions thread!

Hey beautiful my commissions are open would love to work with you.dm me on Instagram @findmylogic if you are interested

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Hey! My commissions are opened, my Instagram is @awaeepis where my examples are as well.

Commission sheet

Hi! I’m open for semi-realistic art commissions!:revolving_hearts: you can DM or Check my IG account for more samples!:blush: @CathyArtworks24 Here are my commission sheets and samples!:sparkling_heart: First come first served​:smiley_cat:

Hi!! Im open for commissions! you can check my insta and dm me there @zamiraarts! or if you want you can message me here. I do arts scenes and covers.

Here are some samples!!

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I’m open for Commissions
My Instagram is epii.jessica
Here are my examples…

I do commissions as well and I’m also cheap if you are interested just pm me!!

Here some of my works

I highly suggest @Frey or @white.dragon_basou

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