Looking For An Author To Interview (Episodelife.com)

Hi Everyone!

I’m a user of episodelife.com where there is fan art, script templates, interviews, etc…

I’m looking for an author that I can interview, and post it on episodelife.com.

Must have at least 1 story published
Must have good answers, that are not short
Must contact me at margauxspam.08@gmail.com
I will respond!!

Thank you.

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Hi, I don’t mind doing an interview :slight_smile:

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Oh sorry, I’m not done with the topic yet… I posted it by accident… do you mind if you check on it in 5-10 mins?

Yeah I don’t mind.

Ok done if you want to see it now!

I emailed you!

Thank you!

Are you interviewing only one person? I’d love to be interviewed!

I’d love to be interviewed too! :smile:

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I don’t mind being interviewed either! I think it would be a cool experience :blush: I just sent an email

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@Miss_Moonlight I’d love to be interviewed! Sent you an email! :heart:

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