Looking for an editor/artist


I’m looking for someone who can make edits and special scene art of my team and I’s story. Please reply if you want to help.
p.s leave your Instagram name down below so I can contact you futher


@EpisodeStudio would love to help… we do it all!!!

President of EpisodeStudio

I don’t have an insta
By the group has one


I would like to help!

These are some of the edits that I did.
My insta is PrncssPscs


Hi! This is Zoe from @EpisodeHelpers, me and my group would love to help here are some of our art work hope you like them!




omg… lol… um zo?


anyone want to write a story with me


I can help too if u want to
Here r some examples :point_down:


there i deleted it


hey can you help me


hey guys!
I made another one!

What do you guys think of this one?




i want to edit a picture


Maybe?!?! what do you have in mind though? If you can’t doesn’t bother me just asking


can you edit a photo for mee?