Looking for an editor to help me edit my episodes

Hi guys!
I need a editor for my episode chapters.
What I want to do is put my script into google docs so I can send it to you to edit for me, what I really need done in episode 4 and on is proper periods, capitalization and to have some sentences fixed to make sense.

If you are interested in having me send you my script over google docs all you have to do is send me your email in dm and then I will send you the script asap!!

Thank you!

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hi! if you still need someone to help with this, you can fill out the form below under the “proof reading” tab!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

maybe send that link instead? or you can share the link to your story, and i’ll take screenshots of where dialogue should be changed💛

I don’t think you exactly know what I want though…
Ok so what I wanna do is put my script into a google doc and share the doc with you from your gmail so you can get to editing episode 4,

The first 2 episodes are done and the 3rd one is getting done, I need episode 4 and on to be edited for me

Hope you understand

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oh, this is kinda what i meant!

if you can pm me the link then no one else would have it!:yellow_heart:

i can do it today, just in a couple hours because my school is about to start in literally 3 minutes. have a nice day/night! if it’s easier to get my gmail, i’ll send that to you soon.

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Uhhhh sorry I am really slow at this :point_right::point_left: I don’t really understand

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gmail is easier yes

basically, if you go to share and then click the little blue thing at the bottom, anyone who has the link will be able to view it. go to the “viewer” dropdown and change it to “edit” so i can make changes. you’d send me the link through pm’s instead, so only you and i can get in

also, i could make it by doing this, but it would have to be after my school🥰

I like the gmail idea better :point_right::point_left:

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i just pm’d you!:partying_face:

This sounds fun

Would you do it for me?


Can you give me your gmail

@Sydney_H can you also close this topic also?

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: