Looking for an Episode Bestie/Partner



I’m looking for an Episode Bestie! I’m currently working on a story right now but I would love to have a partner or a bestie or someone to express or share ideas with! Or ask for help and exchange tips, and help each other! Someone I can talk about my stories or ask for help to.


I can’t be your writing partner but I’d happily be your friend if you ever need to talk or get feedback on your ideas. :grin:


Thanks! I’ll keep that in my mind!


You’re welcome. Great. :wink:




Hey there! I would love to be your friend/bestie :heart:. I would love to help you but I have school stuff that I need to do. But you could talk to me if you wanna share ideas and stuff, I can help. :blush:. Don’t hesitate to message me.


Oh no problem! I’m actually on my summer break, thank you! If I need help, I’ll reach out to you!


Thank you! Don’t worry about me I could survive school hahahaha :joy::joy:.Don’t hesitate to message me I would love to help you. And I am looking forward to read your story :wink:.


:joy::joy::joy: Awe, thank you, hehe.


Actually, I could use some help with description for my story…


I’ll send you a message, let’s continue our conversation there :smile:.


Alright! :joy:


I would love to have an episode bestie. I am also working on a story of my own and I would like to bounce ideas back and forth


Alright! I’ll keep that in my mind! I’ll contact you when I need someone to talk to about my stories! Maybe talk to me on my ig, - Episode.briannaa


Alright, I’ll check out your instagram


Can you be my writing partner?


I’m kind of busy atm, I have school works to do :slightly_frowning_face:. But message me if you still want to :wink:. My instagram’s @andreal.stories if you wanna check it out.


Who? Andrea?


Hi honey. Actually I am writing a storie on my own and I would love to have someone who can help me with this because I am new in making stories so could you help me with that?
I am also creative and we can share ideas for both of our stories, I think we could do a great collaboration.
Think about it and reply me when you have made a decision.


Sure! No problem! I am in fact new and I would like to share ideas with someone! Sure, I would like that! Message me or talk to me on my instagram > Episode.Brianna ! :hearts::hearts: