Looking For An Episode Bestie To Write A Story With

Hi I’m currently looking for a episode bestie, that I could CREATE a new story with I’m all for any ideas you may have. If you would like to do a story with me let me know. Thanks! :smile:


Hey, I am currently in a writing group and we are still looking for some people. If you are interested check out my post.

No ty :smile:, but thanks for telling me about it. Basically I want like, to create a story with somebody like sharing ideas with her/him. And then to publish a lit story.


Hey, I could be a writing partner. I’d love to bounce ideas back and forth. I have some ideas that I don’t think will fit in the story that I’m already writing.

I would like to be your partner…I’m not sure if your still taking requests?if you want to dm me on insta:epi.sappy

@emmazapp noice noice I am still taking requests. I do not have insta but twitter yes. But you could dm me on here, that would be perfect. :blush:

I also have twitter to if that’s okay. It would be less confusing for me on there instead. @emmazapp