Looking for an experienced proofreader (FREE)

I’m looking for an experienced proofreader who can help me proofread three chapters of my story. :slightly_smiling_face: I need someone who is able to spot any spelling mistakes, incorrect punctuations and grammar errors. It would be best if they can also focus on sentence structures, use of vocabularies and may offer new/different suggestions. As much as I want to continue working with my past proofreaders (who have been really helpful to me!), I can’t afford to pay their services right now. So i’m looking for someone who can offer their help for FREE. :hugs:


I don’t have much experience but I’d be more than willing to proofread for free! If you’re interested please dm me <33

I think I can help you, and my services are free as well. I’ve been proofreading for about 2 years in different apps. If you are interested, you can message me here or on Instagram @hannah_writes_epi :blush:

Are you still proofreadering?

I am! :blush:

Please can I dm you? :sob: I’m looking for someone to proof read, and you’re the only one who responded!

I had multiple people proofread episode 1 I just need someone to proofread episode 2 of what I have so far :heart:

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sure, feel free to message me! :smiling_face:

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