Looking for an HONEST review

I finished my first episode and I was wondering if someone could give me an HONEST review. I just want to know if I should add anything, make my characters have more depth, and if its rushed or not.
Thanks to anyone who gave me some advice! <33
I can also read your story or review it.
(I am having trouble reading stories because even though I open the link on an ios device, it still says I need to open it on android or IOS)


I’ll do it if you’d like :heart: Pm the link

Sure :heart: pm me the link love!

i can do it. i usually do it in a google doc and go into stark detail, so you can improve as much as possible. just PM me if you’re interested ◡̈

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Hi! I’d love to read it too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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dm me on instagram @cherii.episode

I do not have instagram sorry

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