Looking For An Inspariation

Hey guys, I am a new writer here’ and I am planing to start a story using the Limelight Spotlight mode. I’m having a hard time with directing in this mode so I thought that maybe you guys can recommend me some good stories with the Limelight Spotlight mode? (the mode when 1 character can appear when it has blue frame around the character).
Thank you so much. <3
Btw sorry for my bad English

I don’t particularly like spotlight, and there’s only one story I’ve seen with it and that was one of the starter stories. I don’t even remember the name :joy:

Sorry :cry:

I haven’t seen too many spotlight stories on here (I actually haven’t read a ton of stories either honestly :yum:) but I’ve seen them on other apps and in a way I actually prefer them, and I’m working on stories in that style as well! I really like the way the focus is on the dialogue but because of that I think it requires you to be more powerful with your words.

You can definitely still animate the characters too, there’s just a lot less movement of course! I’d love to hear some other stories that use this mode, too.

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