Looking for an outfit designer

Hello! I’m Kira! As you can see if you look at my account! Lol

I am working on a LL episode story and I have the plot all planned out and stuff and am busily working on my first couple of chapters.

I’m looking for a person who can design my outfits through my whole story because it’s a lot easier then finding multiple outfit shops and requesting! I’ll shout you out in my story every chapter and put your insta or forums account up! And I’m a decent artist so if you want some form of art in return I can do so! If your interested please comment or pm me! I really need it! :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


I’d love to help!! If you want, we can hop into a PM!

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Ahhh perfect your hired I’ll PM u now!!

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Hey, hello! I’d love to help you too!

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I could help if its still open

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I’ll be glad to help if you still need somebody.

I Can doing the outfits is literally my favorite part hmu

I would love to help if you still need it!
I have an amazing eye for fashion and can whip together outfits that are stylish, fresh and work with whatever scene you want. I would love to help with this story or any other story in the future!

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