Looking for an Outro for Upcoming story


I’m currently writing a story and I was looking for someone to make and art edit for me. The edit would be used as a “this story uses sound” or “thanks for reading” and I have a specific design that I would like meaning exact character details, outfit, accessories, and background. If you are interested I would prefer if you dm me on Instagram @jazmine.epi but you can reply to this too. Thanks <3 (I do want to make sure it’s perfect (it’s kinda a surprise for my friend too) So I will want to make sure your style is what I am looking for.) ALREADY FOUND SOMEONE


I can


My IG. I am headed to bed its 212am here but message me everything and i’ll do it for you. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I would like to see your style to make sure it’s what I want <3


I do not have to draw at all on your Characters this is mine and I wanted to do something different



The last one is not my best.
I can dawn also but it would tack me a while