Looking for an overlay


Does someone has the overlay for this bar because i want the waither beihind the scene.



I’ll happily do it for you, give me two minutes :smile:


Okay done here it is:

You don’t need to resize it or scale it if you save it how it is. :smile:


ok thanks but then i have to use it and i have never done lol.
and it will be not directly be approved off episode so i have to wait :sleepy:


Would you like me to make a template for you?

BAR = bar overlay

INT. BAR - DAY with BAR at layer 1

@WAITER stands screen left in zone 1 AND WAITER is tinker_loop_rear AND WAITER faces right AND WAITER moves to layer 0


thank you you are brilliant. I am new at this i need so much help.

thank you

Ho do i use that now.


Just send me the character names and I’ll do it for you :smile:


i would love to do i have to discrabe the scene?


Discrabe? Do you mean describe? Yes just tell me where you want the characters :blush:


the overlay is MESSY BAR
The background is INT. BAR -DAY

In zone 1 i need the waither, Niels and Marc the waither does tinker_loop_rear
marc and niels are talking.

In zone 2 there will be Anneke and dr renaud

and in zone 2
2 people name them background1 and 2

It needs panning
so what i want is that marc and niels are chatting bla bla bla
And then they see anneke and Dr niels

and at last they stand all toghether talking

and then i can further

will you do this for me?

your an angel



It may take a while but oh well, I’m going to bed now as it’s getting a little late and I have to be up and ready for the morning tomorrow. So can I get back to you then? Plus enjoy the overlay lesson I gave you, it’s a pain in the ass.


yes i know it is a pain in the ass, why does episode is not more easy to write. You almost have to be a computer expert to do this it is real coding. A writher wants to write not do some coding.



Aha if you hate coding, I’d suggest teaming up with a coder or something.


Does that exist.


Yes it’s a writing partner, I am partners with my friend lmao, there is a whole thread on it, would you like me to find you a partner?


yes i would , what does a partner do?


In your case they would code your script, basically help you out.


a co writher then…because i need him or here too for changing english errors.


Okay time to go hunting.