Looking for Art! (cover only)

I need cover art for my first story! (The story won’t have art scenes; I only need a cover.) Please PM me for more details and send an example(s) of your previous work. Thanks!

Romance/Thriller, Limelight

PS whoever makes the cover obviously gets credit in the story!

Maybe I can make it I need character details and picture. Also title and author name or instagram.

Here are examples

My artwork

hey, thanks so much for responding! i wasn’t very clear in the original post - i’m actually looking for a cover with the characters digitally illustrated… do you do that too?

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Ohh I’m sorry I don’t do those. Hopefully you’ll find someone else.

okay, no worries - thanks so much anyway!

How many characters would be in this cover?

what i currently have in mind has six characters, but i know that’s a lot so i could narrow it down if necessary :slight_smile:

Oh ok :grin: just wondering… I currently have a truckload of requests but if it was one character, I might be able to handle it :thinking: well good luck on finding an artist!

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thanks anyway!
if nobody else responds, would you be still willing to do it with just one character? (i know you’re busy - sorry!)

I might… We’ll see :thinking:

Im (almost) 17 and i love drawing, i was an art gcse student at school and i would like to start doing requests then doing comissions (sorry im not great at spelling oops) since my art in improving a lot so this would help me alot, as well as you. I could create one tomorrow, i dont have any of my art supplies with me right now as im at my boyfriends. If you would like to follow my art account to see previous work and i can send a few if you would like me to. xx

I’d like to see your work!

Ignore the bottom one, thats an older one :no_mouth::sweat_smile: the other two arent my newst but there are a few recent ones on my art account on instagram, @ drawinganyway

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That looks really cool!

Thank you :blush:x

Just one question, would you want it in a specific form? Hand drawn, digitally drawn, photoshopped/edited. I can do all three although edited/photoshopped would take a little time since i dont know any good apps so i would have to ask around aha

Just seen the comment about it being digital, honestly i think i accidentally slipped past it :joy:

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I’m actually not the one who needs the cover :grimacing: I can make my own covers, but @AutumnEpisode stated that she would like them digitally drawn. I can recommend some drawing apps tho if you want? I’d say I have my fair share of experience in art too :thinking:

Sorry tagged the wrong person, my bad :joy: but yes please that would really help :blush: xx