Looking for Art Covers (kind of a contest) (over)

hi everyone! I am currently creating my first ever episode story!!! I’m so excited, however I don’t have an art cover. That is were the episode community comes in and all artist can submit an art cover for my story. The winners ( yes winners) will get a feature when my story gets out.
1st- gets to be main cover AND gets to have a character
2nd- gets to have their cover and a hidden scene artwork
3rd- their artwork with a shoutout.
I believe in each and every one of you! Make me proud! Good luck and thank you for your time!
Insta- Celeste_0517


Can I enter?

Of course everyone can enter! What’s something that I can reach you on (email or insta) so I can tell you a bit about my story.

Well I’m not that good at covers but I’ll give it a shot. My Insta is @epy.bby_nae

It’s prashansa60.episode.
I’ll send in my cover tommorow or later tonight since I’m working on another request.

Don’t worry! As long as you tried your best!

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Okay! Sounds good to me.

Is their anything specific you want on it like a character, a background, or certain words?

Also can you send character details and characters in pose? Also author name and story name. Sorry if I asked to much. :wink:

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Ofc! It’s called The Choice and it’s about a rich girl who gets sent by her parents to live at a boarding school for the rich. There are three love interest: her bodyguard, president’s son and an actors son.

Is there a specific date youre needing it by? You can message me on my:
Email: courtney.brace14311@gmail.com
Instagram: @Drawinganyway
Preferably instagram but which ever is better for you

Due date: January 17th
Dm or email me( kjshort1213@gmail.com)if that is too soon for you and we can figure out a extended date! Don’t be shy!


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Here it is.
Tell me if you need anything changed. :wink:


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Can I ask a question?
How are we supposed to do art covers when we don’t have the characters’ details? (I’m honestly not trying to sound rude, just a question)


I just ask people and they usually respond.

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Sorry for the confusion. So my plan was that if people wanted details they could email or dm on Instagram. I should’ve been more clearer in my instructions and I apologize for that. I hope that answers any questions.

I love it and I’m excited to see what everyone else is going to come up with!

Hey can I enter and if would you want a full art cover or character cover?

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Yes ofc you can enter! It’s really up to you! I have no preference; however I think an art cover would be really cool!