Looking for art scene artist for my new story Art Resources



**I need someone to reply ASAP! im looking for a artist for my art scene on my new episode called steal my heart but if you dont want to help me it’s totally fine :disappointed_relieved: :**or you can tell me a drawing site to download on my computer so i can try to draw my own scene if you want to help me please help ASAP!


Hey I can try :blush:
I’m better with ink tho :slight_smile:



Thank you so much Tessx and yes it is Ink actually! :wink:


So if you want you can PM me the details :blush:


A girl with hazelnut eyes her eye shape is upturned feline she has her hair type is in a fishbraid she has a pink glow in her cheeks she has the most beautiful smile her mouth is a full round and her mouthcolor is blush and she is has her hands on her hips
Is that enough detail


Any specific background and outfit? :blush: so do you want her to just smile with hands on hips? :blush: and please tell me her skin color :blush:


her skin tone is a Tan her outfit has something casual like Demin jeans with a Purple jacket and her shirt is black and yes i want her to smile with hands on her hips and the background is


Thank you :blush:


No problem :hugs:


Are you done yet Tessax?:zipper_mouth_face:


Your examples are amazing :star_struck:


I can try


Thank you so much :blush::black_heart:


Hey :blush: I’m sorry but I’m already collaborating with one author and I take requests also on Instagram so I don’t think that I will have time for it :confused:


it’s ok no sweat!


Hey I’ve finished :blush: hope you like it :relaxed:


Thank you so much I love it!


You’re welcome :blush:


:smiley:Your welcome without you my story wouldn’t be that good!