Looking for Art Scene artist

Looking for an artist to do Art scenes. It will be more than one!

I could do it if you want!

Proof I have art skills

Please don’t steal/trace it’s for someone’s story

But the art might be a while because I’m working on a contest entry

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When would be the earliest you can start? =)

Hey! I’m available whenever since I’m on break!! Here is a couple of my examples!!



If you want envy more just let me know! These were the older ones I had on my phone! :blush:

Both is amazing work!

thanks!! They are my older work :blush:

I can start right now but it would take longer than if I wasn’t working on a story :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey i need an art scene artist too, sorry that i m writing it here i just can’t post a post sorry if my english is bad please help me i need an artist

hey, could you make me a art scene?

What do you want?

omg thankyou sm! could you have Amaya (main character) in the middle holding a gun and smiling with one hand on Declans chest . And Declan looking at the reader with a sexy smirk. i hope thats not too complicated aha.
Amaya- main character
skin tone- honey
eyebrow- seductive arch
hair colour- black and straight
eye- upturned bold, green
face shape- oval
nose- elven
lips- full round and cherry red

skin colour- tan
eyebrow- medium sharp
hair- pompadour, black
eyes- gentle almond, purple
face shape- defined triangle
nose- button
lips- uneven, terracotta

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Do you have any outfits in mind?

um no i don’t you could pick if you like

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Ok thank you :+1:t4:

Is this good? Please say if there’s anything you want changing.

omg thank you its beautiful!! xx
do you want credit?

Aww thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And yes please, I’d like credit.

do you have ig?

Yes my name is the same as it is on the forums (@randomrainbowlily)

annnd done! thankyou again xx

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