Looking for art scenes


Hi! Do you know some good artists who make art scenes? All the ones I follow on Instagram have their requests closed :thinking:


what do you mean by art scenes? Can you show me examples of what you mean?


You mean like the ones in The Teacher or art scenes of that kind?


Yes! Exactly!


I mean scenes that the author add in the story where characters are drawn by artists. To make the scene more real! Like it The Teacher, The lovely one or other stories :slight_smile:️ (I don’t post some examples because I don’t know if I have the permission)


Okay, so what I know is that the person who writes The Teacher, pays he artist. If you’re into that, she has her artist’s Insta, if you want to check that out. If not, while on Instagram, I’ll hunt for some artists just waiting to get experience! I suggest you do the same
Until then,


Sorry. I’m not THAT skilled.