Looking for Artist CLOSED!

Hi anyone know or have an interest in making an art scene or cover please message me really need an artist! Please let me know if anyone is interested or any open commissions! Thank you!


What type of style are you looking for?


Something that will show the emotion of the scene I need as well as need a new cover for my story I’m honestly not looking for a specific style just something to show the emotions and change.


I know, but are you looking for an episode edit, episode’s syle’s art? or different styles (eg. realistic)

I guess something along the line of realistic or episode style.

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okay, I’ll PM you.

Hi there …I’m open for Commissions

I dm you😊

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Hi i do commissions if you are interested and willing to pay a little i can help you!
Here some of my art works:

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hi!! I’m kira and i would love to help. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: here are examples of my work

Uploading: 2020-08-01 11.47.45 3.jpg…

feel free to dm me or contact me via instagram @silexandula for more info. :blush:

Hi! I have my commissions open. I have some examples at @awaeepis on Instagram