Looking for artist for art scenes?

Looking for a specific type of graphic artist for episode scenes.
Looking for free artist or one with very small commissions, and I’m also looking for someone who can make 2-3 art scenes if possible!
Please PM me ASAP if you’re free :blush:

Depending what you need and when you need it by, i could do it x

That sounds great! Mind sending me some examples of your work? Can be watermarked etc xx :smile:

I also do overlays and backgrrounds x

Did you draw the two characters in the first image,? x

Yeah x

Im not the best at guys at the moment :sweat_smile::joy:

No - I was wondering because it’s amazing! If I send you a screen shot of the scene think you could draw it in a style close to that one? Am gonna switch to PM now? :smile:

Do you need a permanent artist? By that I mean an artist to go to for art throughout the whole of your story until it ends.

If so, I can help! If you’re still interested then please answer to this and I’ll show you examples. :sweat_smile:

Sure I am! Could you send me examples please? :blush:

Yeah, sure! They’re on my iPad and I’m on my phone so I’m gonna see if I can get them into my phone. :sweat_smile:

Sorry if it’ll take some time to transfer it onto my phone! :joy::sweat_smile:

It’s all goos :blush:
Would you like to change to PM, or ae you alright on the forums? Am not bothered either way just a lil more private, aha :joy:
Also if you need to reach me on other social media I’ll fill you in :smile:

I don’t mind at all! I’ll go into PM aid you want me to do your art, though. For now I’m fine like this! :smile:

Okay. I’d love for you to do my art - what days are you available (on average, lmao)? And also I don’t quite understand the end of that reply, sorry!

I’m free everyday. As of right now, I’m actually in Abu Dhabi on holidays but I will be available still since I wanna just chill and do art.

And, I meant that after you’ve seen my examples and if you want me to be your artist I would PM you.

Okay. I had a look at some work you shared on other forums and I thought it was amazing! I’ll await on your examples and hit you back up :smile: Have a lotta fun on holiday and don’t stress anything :wink:

Aww thank you! Of course x


They’re gorgeous! My story will be written in limelight I think, but I’m still unsure. I’ll be back in around 10 minutes ! xx

I don’t do limelight, cause it’s a very annoying style to do for me. But if you do Ink, then I’ll happily do them!