Looking for artist to hire!

Hello all! I’m looking to hire an artist who can do a couple portraits up for a meet the characters for me!
Please DM me directly if you’re an artist, and are open for commission!

Please also provide examples of your work if you can, and send me your Instagram account as well!

You can also message me on Instagram @jo.writes_
Thank you in advance!


You can try asking @Vampira her work is amazing!!

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i dm’ed u in insta

Hey i would be glad to work with uh.
Here’s my insta account

Hey, I have my commissions open for portrait work, you can see a few examples on my thread, (I can’t link it atm, but if you head to my bio page here and take a look at my topics, you’ll find it there :blush:)

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@Sydney_H could you close this now? :slight_smile: I’ve found people to work with.

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Closed by OP request :smiley: