Looking for Artist


Hey guys,

I am looking for an artist that can do artwork to the standard of epy.karina on instagram not sure if she uses the forum.

Obviously I am willing to pay for your work (which will mean end result will not have watermark/signature on the artwork (of course you will be mentioned on my end credits and if i post to instagram) but if uploaded on your social media or portfolios it will have the watermark/signature)

The Thic Sister hood Offical request thread

Episode diamonds would love to help what are the deatils


examples are here



lol we are apart of the same group




if you’re looking for artwork as professional as epy.karina, i would suggest looking for real artists (people who do realistic art), because other than her and a few others on instagram i haven’t see any that match her style.


I already have some who does other work for me but im really wanting to find someone who actually does episode style


My style is probably a stretch from what you’re looking for. Hope you find the one.
Wait are you looking for an art scene artist or a cover maker? Just curious.


Granolias show more of your amaze balls examples!


Haha thank you! You’re too kind. :hugs:


Your PP for example, s amazing af!


you might just have to use someone who’s work differs from epy.karina, and is quite different.

but the artists are super talented, regardless of their style! @granolias for example. her art is amazing. i’m sure she would love to make an art scene for you :slight_smile:


Yes there are very talented artists.

But I am after a specific style I don’t exactly want to go and pay for something I’m not after.


I made these. Not sure if this is what you’re looking for :woman_shrugging:t2:


It’s pretty cute :heart:




Thanks :blush:


good job niah


Awesome edits by both you and @granolias , but unfortunately no that’s not what I’m looking for.