Looking for Artists for Art Shop!

Hey, everyone! I am looking for artists in my art shop, preferably a free one, but if you do commissions and/or payments, just let me know!

What I need:

  • Some of your examples
  • Your experience level (1 being beginner, 10 being SUPER GOOD, maybe even charge money)
  • How friendly you are
  • Your prices (if you have them!)
  • Why you love making art and helping others

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HI! Im interested but I do commissions so is it ok?
Im a bit new artist who do commissions. I do Covers and art scenes most of the time. My prices is by how many characters. here are samples:

I do $15 per character for bust and $20 for half body. I dont usually do full body but I will for $30-$50 depending on the complexity of their character design.


Hello I only do edits, character cards and splashes



These are my examples :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart:
And I’m a beginner :purple_heart:


I make INK drawn PFPS😝

This is an example I made really quick🌚


Um I’m going to say 7 because by now I have quite a bit of experience with drawing but not too much with handling requests😅
I have a lot of experience handling promo and customers and I don’t hesitate to ask somebody something or say something to them
Very friendly, I understand that customers are going to be rude sometimes but I am not openly rude UNLESS I have a good reason to such as stealing any of our work
Don’t got any prices cause my work is free💕
I love helping people cause u get this amazing feeling inside to know that u helped someone or made someone happier
Making art is really relaxing for me🤍

If u have any more questions, feel free to PM me👀

Extra details/ Anythung else

I only do females
I don’t do full body
I take 3-4 requests at a time
Atm I have a lot of time on my hands so sometimes ilk be able to take 5 or even 6 requests
I don’t do custom poses for my PFP

I’ll probably add to it later on​:relieved::v:

Hi I would love to join I’m already in two art shops and so I’d already have experience which could really benefit your art shop

I do banners, characters cards, intros/outros, covers, outlines, and I’d be willing to try pfp


Experience level: my experience level with art is probably like a 6 in my opinion but all the people I’ve done art for said they were satisfied and my experience level with customers/ clients would be a 9 I’m not perfect but I tend to handle people well and I’m pretty organized and quick
Friendly ness: I’m very friendly and nice unless you get on my bad side but I’m pretty good with keeping myself under control
Price: I do all of my artwork for free
The reason I do what I do: I do this because when I first started doing episode and like actually being an author I struggled to find artist so I learned how to do art and decided I wanted help others so they never had to do that and I’ve loved it I’m in two art shops and it is so fun I love being able to help people

If you don’t decide to pick me I completely understand and thank you for giving me the chance to be in another art shop and in the end I will respect your decision



(They’re all on my ipad and it’s currently charging :sob:)
But you can find examples of my art Here

•Experience level: I have no clue, maybe like a 5 or 6. Maybe a 4 (I’m not sure…) I’ve only been drawing for 5 months though.
•how friendly are you: I consider myself quite friendly, but once again. I’m not sure.
•Your Prices: Free.
•why you love making art and helping people:
Art is like my safe place from my life, I feel free and unlimited when drawing. I’ve always loved helping people in anyway I can, I guess I haven’t grown up with the best home life and I never had help through it, so… I just want to help others. Even if it is just art.

I do custom poses and drawn profile pictures

  • Some of your examples

  • Your experience level (1 being beginner, 10 being SUPER GOOD, maybe even charge money)
    Custom poses: 7
    Profile picture: 4
  • How friendly you are: Uhh idk lol I’m pretty chill most of the time tho
  • Why you love making art and helping others

I like knowing that I helped someone with their story or whatever they need me to make something for them for


Hey, loves! :blob_hearts:

These are all beautiful! I think that I am looking for beautiful artists with lots of potential and I believe all of you have that! I am super excited and think that we may do an art shop with commissions/costs/payments and free art!! Let me know what you loves think! :sparkling_heart:

:kiss: Annelise


I would also like to join if there’s still space :relaxed:

Hey…I would like to join!
I’m a mood board maker, can I apply too??

Yes, everyone can apply, I will send a group chat to the people that made it in!!

  • Some of your examples

  • Your experience level (1 being beginner, 10 being SUPER GOOD, maybe even charge money) - I think it’s 10 :sweat_smile: I think I’ve been editing for almost two months and I think I got pretty good at what I’m doing :relaxed:
  • How friendly you are - super friendly :sparkles:
  • Your prices (if you have them!) - I don’t have
  • Why you love making art and helping others - because I really enjoy what I’m doing, I like putting a smile on a face through the small things I do to help and it means so much to me when someone likes and appreciates my work :relaxed: :sparkles: :white_heart:
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I will not join I dont have time to even do art for my own story.:woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:

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If you want you can add me!
I do only commissions no free arts

I’ll show you some of my works

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Untitled (9) untitled (2) Untitled (3)
(sorry there is so many I just wanna make sure you can see what I can do :sweat_smile:)

Level: I’d say like a 6 or 7
Friendly: I’d say I’m pretty friendly
No prices
Why: I enjoy making art because I like making people smile, it calms me.

I would but I can’t draw people very well. I’ve only drawn one good person before and that was during high school art class and we had to draw our own celebrities that we picked realistically. I can never draw that again lol. I’m only good at drawing literally anything else (as long as it’s on paper). I wish I could draw people and on electronics but I can’t. :sweat_smile: I can draw squidward, the marshmallow man from ghostbusters, cars, and tons of other stuff on paper. Also, sorry that I’m late to this. I don’t go on episode forums that much so I didn’t see this tag until now. Anyways, I hope you get what you’re looking for and have a good night/day.

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This is amazing art! I think you should be pricing higher, your art is 100% worth more than what you’re selling it for.

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Thank You so much!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
I was also thinking of raising my prices higher but for now as Im still new in commissions and in the community. I at least want to keep my prices affordable to have more clients who could maybe promote me or something :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: Im still an unknown artist at the moment

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