Looking for Artists for multiple scenes!

Looking for Artists for Romance, hugging, laughing, and crying scenes. Will give proper credit once story is complete

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wait are you saying you will first give credit when the story is done. instead of when picture is shown or by end of chapter

that is not how it works, not even if you pay

sorry if its not what you meant is I have been awake for almost 20 hours and need to sleep so maybe I read it wrong

Um no that is not what I meant

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Giving credit at the end of each chapter, but my story will not be published until it is complete.

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Ink or LL?:heart:

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Here are some examples! the first and last one I drew the second is an outline contest

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If you want i could try

yess that’ll be great!

Love it! could I send you my characters and you try with mine?

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Mk! Yes!